Swag for Good: Startup Nabs SXSW Freebies for the Homeless


AUSTIN, Texas — Tech conference veterans call it Stuff We All Get, or SWAG. But a more accurate name might be Stuff We All Get — And Never Use

Companies typically give swag away to media and other attendees. Socks, hats, T-shirts, ponchos — most of the freebies end up in the attic, if not the trash. But one tech company at SXSW has cleverly turned the custom on its head. In the process, they up with one of the most provocative innovations we've ever seen at the interactive festival

Instead of adding to the pile of useless giveaways, a Palo Alto company called Medallia partnered up with the Austin-based Foundation for the Homeless to collect swag from conference attendees. Then they'll take those donations and give them to Austin's homeless Read more...

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