White Castle puts a veggie burger on the menu, but don't worry, it's still fattening


NEW YORK — White Castle is offering a vegetarian version of its famous sliders, but they're not necessarily for dieters.

The hamburger chain says it will offer the Veggie Slider for $0.99 each for a limited time at its 400 locations in 12 states.

The sliders range between 150 and 270 calories, with customers able to choose from three sauces — honey mustard, ranch and sweet Thai. Regular beef sliders range between 140 and 220 calories, depending on the topping, according to White Castle's website.

This isn’t your garden variety Slider. Introducing White Castle’s new Veggie Sliderhttp://ift.tt/1AbKSRy

— White Castle (@WhiteCastle) December 30, 2014

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