Testing Isn’t Only for the Technical Team: The Tests Your Business Needs to Be Doing

Frequently, when we talk about testing, we are talking about tests done by a dedicated testing team. More recently, development have also had to think about developer testing.

User acceptance testing (UAT)

There are many different types of testing: development testing and automated testing such as unit testing, integration testing and regression testing; as well as manual testing performed by dedicated QA staff. One important type of testing that is frequently overlooked is business process testing, such as UAT.

What is UAT?

When you make a change in your ERP system, whether they are testing SAP ERP or Oracle EBS, you want to make sure it does what it is supposed to do.…

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Smartphone-powered 3D printer for USD 99


Over the last few years, 3D printing has grown from a futuristic manufacturing technique with great potential to an affordable design solution. Now, the OLO 3D smartphone printer is about to make it even more accessible. The portable, multi-material device is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter and has already raised over USD 1.5m.

OLO 3D is a USD 99 device that enables anyone to print three dimensional objects directly from their smartphone, using a new material called daylight resin. To begin, users select an image of a 3D object — this can either be something they have designed themselves or a ready-made design from the OLO library. Then, they place the device on top of their touch screen smartphone and pour in the resin, in a colour of their choice. From there, the device uses the white light that emanates from the phone’s screen to form the object, which takes approximately one hour. The object hardens in the box and LED light on the outside lets the crafter know when it is time to open OLO up. The device works with a variety of 3D apps and can make objects up to 3x5x2 inches.

olo3d-2-printer-smartphone-design-resin olo3d-printer-smartphone-design-resin

Kickstarter backers can currently pre-order the OLO 3D printer with a variety of resins from USD 99. How else could smartphones be used to make creative pursuits more accessible?

Website: www.olo3d.net
Contact: info@olo3d.net

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Which of these is not a real business?


It’s April Fools’ Day. While many are busy taking preventative measures to avoid office pranks, we have put together a list of the best Weird of the Week business ideas from the Springwise database — innovations that should be April Fools, but are actually real. But there’s one hidden in the lineup that’s actually not a real product or business. Can you guess which?

1 Intravaginal speaker plays music for unborn babies

Babypod is a small pink device that transforms the mother’s vagina into a sound system.

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2 3D printed urns designed to look like the dead

Vermont-based Cremation Solutions is 3D printing urns that double as a lifelike bust of the deceased.

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3 Learn how to dance like Chinese grannies

Public Dance Classics is an app which enables anyone to learn the routines of the dancing grannies who perform in China’s public squares.

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4 Airline sends cuddly toys on the trip of a lifetime

Inspiring a sense of wonder in kids that can’t globetrot themselves, Unagi Travel sends their toys on adventures and posts Facebook photos from their holiday.

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5 New database sells stock images of how people really live

Modstock is a new stock photography database, which offers images of the modern digital lifestyle.

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6 ‘Methane backpacks’ capture cow farts, turn them into green fuel

Argentina’s INTA governmental research body has developed cow backpacks that trap the methane they produce in order to turn it into green energy.

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App links coffee lovers with on-demand baristas


The growth of third wave coffee shops has brought with it an increased interest in high quality home brews. Equipment such as this micro roaster enables anyone to make a perfect coffee in their own home. Now, Coffee Shots is an app that connects thirsty locals with nearby home-baristas, so that they can enjoy a coffee together.

To begin, home-base coffee enthusiasts open the app and browse nearby home baristas (or “Coffee Shooters”). They can zoom in on the profiles to read about the barista’s skills and specialities, reviews from other users and how much they pay towards to the coffee farmer. Then, if the barista is available, they can book an appointment to join them for a coffee. The barista can also view the profile of the guest before accepting. Once both sides accept, the user can visit the barista’s home, enjoy their coffee and pay through the app. Users can also, like other P2P apps, review each other after the experience. Coffee Shots will be launching in The Netherlands in April.

Coffee Shots is reminiscent of EatWith — another home hospitality platform. What other services could be offered on an a peer-to-peer basis?

Website: www.coffeeshots.nl
Contact: http://www.twitter.com/shots_coffee

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