5 Best Ways to Winterize Your Business (Video)

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While it may seem too early to think about winter, the season of cold and ice will be here in only three months. And, like your employees, your office needs to prepare its own coat, gloves, and boots to stay warm.

While the image of your office bundling up may bring a smile to your face, when you winterize your business, you’ll also bring a smile to your accountant’s face. That’s because taking the five steps in the video above could help your company’s bottom line.

Winterizing that Warms Up Your Bottom Line

The five tips in the video above fall into one of three categories:


As mentioned above, winter is the season of bundling, and your business has plenty of areas that need to be wrapped-up tight to keep your cash inside. The first step is to check for gaps and leaks around both windows and doors. Plugging these gaps in a building could help reduce consumption between 5 and 30 percent.

Next come the pipes. When water freezes, pressure builds up in your pipes and can cause them to burst. To avoid this problem, you need to ensure that all exterior pipes and interior ones in unheated areas are sufficiently insulated.

And speaking of insulation, you will want to check your building’s insulation. It likely comes as no surprise that in well-insulated buildings, less warm air will escape during the winter. That means you’ll likely spend less money on heating, and that’s a good thing.


Programmable thermostats enable you to change the temperature setting on a schedule. This way, you can crank the heat up while everyone’s working and then turn it down when no one’s in your space.

Cool Science

Lastly, you can use your ceiling fans to save energy in the winter. When you change the direction of a fan so that it rotates in a clockwise direction, it will circulate warm air instead of cool. According to the ENERGY STAR web page, this can reduce heating costs by forcing warm air near the ceiling down into occupied spaces.

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Make sure to also check out the full list of 10 ways to winterize your business to manage energy costs.

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