$10M Worth of Apps: Zoho Creator’s #GivingTuesday Gift to Non-profits

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Zoho Creator is just what your non-profit needs and this #GivingTuesday, your organization can get a subscription for a free year.

Be it a calamity that catches the world unawares, or a chronic issue that’s been going on for decades, there’s no dearth in the help pouring in from all quarters.

#GivingTuesday celebrates this philanthropic spirit by inviting individuals and organizations to take part in the joy of giving. Since its inception in 2012, #GivingTuesday has gone from strength to strength and is now a massive charity movement in its own right.

On this day, the desire to give back to the society peaks, and non-profits, being the vanguard of every army that wishes to change the world, breath life into that desire.

Taking Strides with Technology

In today’s world, every industry counts on technology to work towards the desired end, which in most cases is an increased revenue. But being a non-profit, your primary focus is on people rather than processes. Besides streamlining processes, you need technology to bring like-minded people to fight alongside for your cause.

Zoho Creator is one such software that’s been empowering non-profits with technology to manage their data, automate processes, and connect people. Some of the apps offered are unique to non-profits, such as Donor Management, Volunteer Portal, and Event management, to name a few.

This #GivingTuesday, as a token of appreciation for all the great work that you’ve been doing and will be doing, Zoho Creator is offering $10 million worth of subscriptions free for all non-profits for a year, complete with access to all its apps that are sure to get all your technological needs covered.

Here’s all You Need to do to Avail Yourself of this Offer — Sign Up

Just make sure you’re a registered non-profit in your country.

Zoho Creator is Just what Your Non-profit Needs. Here’s Why.

Across the world, several non-profits have recruited Zoho Creator as the tech partner to fight for their cause, some of the notable ones being Red Cross and the Salvation Army, as well as a few with limited access to technology but raring to pitch in and do their part.

Zoho Creator’s non-profit oriented apps assist in fundraising, bringing in volunteers, organizing campaigns, with a profile for every person and a module for every process involved. With this, non-profits can take their reach far and wide while ensuring that their core system stays chaos-free. All of Zoho Creator’s ready-to-use apps  support ample customization and integration with existing systems without having to go deep into the technicalities.

And that’s not all. The apps are supported across all mobile and web platforms, rendering them perfect for work in the field. Added to this are in-app communication features like email and sms triggers, so you can stay connected to your volunteers and donors at all times.

You can claim your offer here, or pass it on to friends. To make your product experience a smooth sail, you can check out the comprehensive tool kit created to guide you through the product.


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