Eatonton Travel Center Appeals to Multiple Customer Types

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Shaker Sangam, owner of Eatonton Travel Center in Eatonton, Georgia, really understands who his customers are and has carefully crafted his product mix to meet their needs. Eatonton isn’t a typical travel center in that it isn’t located along the interstate, and the offerings reflect the multiple types of customers who shop there. 

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Locals are a prime customer base for Sangam, and he has embraced them along with the traditional travel center customers. 

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There is a full-service laundromat that is particularly appealing for locals. Sangam also offers U-Haul rentals.

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Eatonton Travel Center, which is an AMBEST location, has a fun selection of products and a nice assortment of wines. 

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Food is always an important part of a travel center, and Sangam has tapped into the local flavors with his offerings.  

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There are Southern favorites, including fried chicken and several types of boiled peanuts. 

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Sangam is very, very focused on the local types of food, which is a great way to serve locals while also offering professional drivers and travelers some local flair.

The whole location has a fresh feel and quality signage that helps customers move through the store.  

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Eatonton Travel Center-Bldg-LocationSignJI.jpg

Eatonton Travel Center-CoffeeArea-Slushies-EyeCatchingSignageJI.jpg

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Photos Credit: Darren Schulte/NATSO

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