Start Now to Create a Promotion Calendar for 2018

Seasonal promotions can be a great way to create a theme that can draw attention to products, boost sales and make customers feel good. Operators can create a seasonal promotional calendar now to bring excitement and fun to their locations throughout 2018.

  • IN THE BACKROOM: Before buying seasonal or holiday mer­chandise, have a plan in place for taking care of items that don’t sell. Some operators mark items down at various points throughout the holidays while others choose to purchase from a vendor that will take the merchandise back if it doesn’t sell.
  • ON END CAPS: End caps are a prime location and can be a fun way to promote creative seasonal offerings. On New Year’s put together a basket with hangover relief, energy drinks and lottery tickets. On Valentine’s Day offer candy and flowers. St. Patrick’s Day is an excellent time to add displays of beer that are decorated with shamrocks, and on Mother’s Day, create displays of flowers, wine, décor or apparel. Don’t forget about Father’s Day, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, which could also create engaging display opportunities.
  • THROUGHOUT THE STORE: Create displays and bundle products such as salty snacks, soda and beer for the Super Bowl or flashlights, batteries and radios during hurricane season.
  • IN THE RESTAURANT: Consider adding seasonal desserts that could encourage customers to spring for a sweet treat. Pumpkin is a fall favorite, but don’t forget about berry desserts in the summer. You can also tap into some fun holidays, such as National Donut Day on June 1 or National Cookie Day on December 4.
  • AT THE FOUNTAINS: Promote warm drinks, such as hot chocolate and coffee, when the temperature drops and icy cold beverages when temperatures rise.
  • AT THE PUMPS: Carry over some of the seasonal messaging from inside the store out onto the fuel pumps. Encourage customers to get into the spirit and take advantage of holiday merchandise inside.
  • IN THE PARKING LOT: Consider seasonal offerings such as firewood, fireworks or fruit stands that you can set up outside. Food trucks and coffee kiosks can also bring in customers. Some unique parking lot attractions that could drive traffic into the location include a blood drive, car seat checkpoint or a truck driver chili cook off. Get creative and have fun.

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