Tonkawa Trading Post is an Inviting and Fresh Travel Plaza in Oklahoma

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Tonkawa Trading Post in Tonkawa, Oklahoma, is the third of Saqib Anwar’s travel center locations and his newest. Tonkawa Trading Post is another example of how owner Saqib Anwar uses clear, catchy signage to bring in multiple customer types. 

Tonkawa Trading Post-PapaJohn's Signage & StaffJI.jpg

Tonkawa Trading Post-Unique Papa John's SignageJI.jpg

The location has robust food offerings, and Anwar, like all wise retailers, understands there are different types of food consumers. There is a significant grab-and-go food presence as well as branded quick-service restaurants, an A&W and Papa John’s Pizza. In all my travels this is the first time I have seen a Papa John’s Pizza in a travel store, or maybe I should say the first time I have noticed one. If that is the case, it is all because of the exceptional signage. 

Tonkawa Trading Post-Mountain Perk Java SignageJI.jpg

Tonkawa Trading Post-MilkshakesJI.jpg

The signage for the food offerings is beyond outstanding as mentioned above. Another example is the signage in the coffee and milkshake areas, which do such a great job of marketing the offerings. In general from outside to inside signage is very strong. 

Tonkawa Trading Post-CocaCola&PepsiElevatedDisplayJI.jpg

Tonkawa Trading Post-CocaCola&PepsiDisplayJI.jpg

There are other small details that add to the overall appearance, such as the Coke and Pepsi display being elevated. This helps draw attention to it and operationally it is easier to clean with no dirty base wrap to consistently remove or worry about.

Tonkawa Trading Post-Clean Clutter-Free Store #1JI.jpg

Tonkawa Trading Post-Clean Clutter-Free Store #2JI.jpg

From an architecture perspective, the store is very clean and inviting. There isn’t a lot of clutter or confusion, and customers really benefit from the clear, simple messaging.  

Tonkawa Trading Post-Candy ShoppeJI.jpg

The store really pops and especially pops at night. It is a great example of an inviting and fresh location.

Tonkawa Trading Post-Papa John's-Pizza Got Better-Quote on WallJI.jpg

Tonkawa Trading Post-WideOutsideShotJI.jpg

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Photos Credit: Darren Schulte/NATSO

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