Five Easy (and Fast) Ways to Improve Your Etsy Shop

Whether you’ve just recently opened your Etsy shop or have sold on the website for a while, there’s always something to improve. From photos to keywords to your Policies page, there are many areas to work on. Here’s a list of quick tips to increase your Etsy shop’s views, sales, and appearance:

1. Add Keywords to Your Titles and Tags

Good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for being found on Etsy. It sounds intimidating, but it’s not too scary with a little practice. You can improve your shop immensely by using the right keywords. Think like a buyer would and put relevant phrases in the titles and tags of your Etsy listings. Set aside time to go through a few of your listings each day and update them to optimize your SEO. These changes take a week or two to show results in the form of increased traffic, but it’s well worth it.

2. Retake Your Photos

If you have item photos that don’t adequately show off your products, retake them! Shoppers often make the decision to click on your listings based on just the photos, so they need to be excellent. Re-do ones that aren’t in focus, have too busy a background, don’t flow with the others in your shop, etc. You don’t need to use a fancy camera or hire a professional photographer, but you should take a lot of shots and narrow it down to the best ones. Also try to fill as many of the five photo slots as possible and include varying angles and perspectives.

3. Update Your Shop Policies

The Policies area of your Etsy shop is now more streamlined than ever, and important for making your shop look more professional and organized. You can still use the older version where you write everything out in sections, but I personally prefer the new bulletpoint style. This allows you to quickly and easily lay out your shipping details, return and exchange information, payment options, and even FAQs that can be personalized. Completed Shop Policies help buyers feel confident making a purchase, increasing your sales over time.

4. Fill Out Your About Page

Another way to draw in more traffic is to complete your shop’s About page. This will give visitors more insight into your inspiration, background, materials, and more. Upload photos and a paragraph or two to help shoppers get to know you and your business on a more personal level. It doesn’t take much time to fill out your About page, and it can easily be edited or updated.

5. Connect Your Social Media Accounts

One more fast improvement you can make to your shop is adding links to your business’ social media accounts. This allows visitors to stay connected with your company and increases visibility. You can even use the “Share” buttons on your listings to promote your items on social media and link back to your Etsy shop. There are two places to connect them: in the Info and Appearance area you can link to Facebook and Twitter, and on your About page add links to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Always connect your shop to your business (not personal) social media accounts.

What other suggestions do you have to quickly improve your Etsy shop?

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