4 Tips for a Successful Mindset

Network Marketing powerhouse couple, Brandon and Jessica Hayes share some of their best tips for creating a successful mindset.

#1 Never Let Anyone Outlast You – Brandon Hayes

Get into the mindset that you are not going to let anyone else in this profession outlast you. It’s not enough that get excited for a week or a month. It’s not the person who gets the most excited or easily excited who is going to win in this profession. It’s the person who can get excited, stay excited, and work hard for the longest period of time that will win.

Success is going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm.

#2 Know Where You Are Going – Jessica Hayes

That intense feeling you had as a kid when you knew you wanted to do something…get that back in you. Nothing will motivate you more than knowing where you are going. And if you know where you are going, you will work harder than ever to get there.

#3 Realize that Network Marketing Is a Better Way – Brandon Hayes

When you were young, they taught you one way to do it. They told you to go to school, get good grades, and get a good job. They had you take an aptitude test, noticed you were good at math, and told you to be an engineer and work for that guy.

But Millennials have awoken and realized that there is a better way. They see that Network Marketing is the way to become an entrepreneur and attain that freedom they desire.

#4 Create Relationships – Jessica Hayes

Network Marketing is based off relationships, and so you’ve got to create relationships with people either before or after they join you.

So, we utilize Facebook Groups, and when we have customers or prospects get started with us, we get them into those groups. And in those groups, they can see the culture of our team and they get to become a part of the culture. They start to feel like they are a part of something, and they are getting continued product education.

I think that’s really what keeps people around for the long term.

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