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The latest innovation in the fuel industry takes advantage of the benefits of two leading renewable fuels — ones many truck stops are familiar with.

Biodiesel is a competitively priced product with a proven track record of providing fleets and individual drivers with strong performance while reducing emissions and petroleum consumption.

Renewable hydrocarbon diesel (RHD) is a newer alternative fuel that also has excellent environmental and performance benefits while being a drop-in replacement for petroleum diesel.

Blending biodiesel and RHD with each other — instead of only with petroleum diesel — results in a product that features the best characteristics of the two fuels. Known as an RHD and biodiesel blend, the product:

  • Significantly lowers fleets’ emissions and carbon footprints
  • Provides excellent Cetane, lubricity, Cloud Point and aromatics
  • Allows companies to stretch their supply of RHD
  • Is easy to blend, store and handle

The early reviews have been very positive. Here’s what a California truck stop operator has to say:

“We realize a greater margin on the fuel than petroleum diesel. It also helps us extend our RHD supply.”

You can read that and other first-hand accounts as well as learn more about the fuel and its benefits in the REG white paper, A Winning Combination: Renewable Hydrocarbon Diesel and Biodiesel Blend.

Renewable Energy Group. REG is a leading North American advanced biofuels producer and developer of renewable chemicals. REG utilizes a nationwide production, distribution and logistics system as part of an integrated value chain model to focus on converting natural fats, oils and greases into advanced biofuels and converting diverse feedstocks into renewable chemicals. Learn more about Renewable Energy Group.

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