Argentina’s economic woes

ON MAY 8th, as the peso continued to tumble, Mauricio Macri, Argentina’s president, addressed his nation on television. His government had opened negotiations with the IMF for a credit line in order to “avoid a crisis like those we have faced before in our history”. That steadied the peso. But it also brought back painful memories for Argentines, highlighted doubts about Mr Macri’s approach to mending Argentina’s economy and cast a shadow over the reformist president’s future.

Argentines have bitter memories of the last time their government sought the IMF’s help. Many blame the fund for imposing austerity in return for loans and then pulling the plug in 2001, tipping their country into a devastating $82bn sovereign default. It was followed by widespread unemployment, a sharp rise in poverty and the corralito, in which the government froze bank accounts for a year to halt a run. Argentina’s economy had been battered by the lunatic policies of a succession of populist...

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