Can you teach entrepreneurship?

THE stereotype of a typical MBA graduate is that of a confident, well-dressed person who is destined for a career in management consultancy, finance or climbing the greasy pole at an S&P 500 company. The stereotype of an entrepreneur is a college drop-out. Yet business schools, eager to prove that they are not just factories for manicured professionals, are increasingly keen to teach entrepreneurial skills to their students.

The temptation is to think that the ability and drive needed to start a business cannot be taught. After all, who can engender the combination of opportunism and paranoia usually needed to start a business? But some of those who have taken the path argue that an MBA course has several advantages. Shoshana Stewart, the chief executive of Turquoise Mountain, a crafts business that started in Afghanistan, who studied at the London Business School (LBS), says an MBA gives you three things; a network of people, confidence and exposure, and an array of skills.


via Business Feeds

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