Eclectic Offerings, Amazing Design Spur Sales at Slovacek’s Truckstop

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During the Good to Great Session at NATSO Connect, Mike Lawshe, president of Paragon Solutions and a fellow panelist, told us about one of his favorite locations, Slovacek’s, a market, café and fuel stop in West Texas.

SLOV-Fountain Iced TeaJI.jpg

The unique location combines its Czechoslovakian heritage with a meat market, frozen yogurt shop, bakery, fresh Texas barbeque and a gift shop. It also offers a dog park and your traditional c-store offerings.

Paragon Solutions worked with the location on its re-design and the result is amazing. Check out the video of Lawshe walking through the store, interviewing the owner and sharing some of his insights into the redesign. 

As Lawshe told us during the Good to Great Session, if customers are laughing or walking around enjoying themselves, they’re going to buy, and it is easy to see why it is hard for someone to get out of Slovacek’s without buying something.

Check out the beautiful market and bakery.

SLOV-Market-Wide Shot-Side AngleJI.jpg



Take a look at the awesome entrance to the beer cave, which is adorned with caps from beer bottles. 



And customers traveling with pets will definitely appreciate the dog park. 


See even more photos (and learn some Czech sayings) on Slovacek’s website. 

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Photos Credit: Mike Lawshe/Paragon Solutions

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