Defence companies target the cyber-security market

AIR shows are where the world’s defence giants show off. This year’s Farnborough Air Show, which ended on July 22nd, was no exception. The roar of the engines on Lockheed Martin’s F-35 stealth fighters overhead drowned out many a sales pitch on the ground. But pride of place at Raytheon’s display area went not to a weapon but to a “cyber dome”—a slick 3D cinema showing how hacking works. Its message was clear: governments and firms cannot afford to ignore cyber-attacks. Nor, indeed, can defence firms themselves.

The size of the military and civil cyber-security market is an obvious reason why—it grew from $3.5bn in 2004 to $120bn in 2017. The market will expand by an annual 12-15% in the next three years, or twice as fast as global defence-equipment budgets, reckons Cybersecurity Ventures, a research firm. Spurred on by Russian internet attacks against the West, defence departments are considering spending far more on cyber-defences. In America, Congress is emphasising the importance of cyber-...

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