More misbehaving American executives get the boot

THEY are falling like dominoes. Executives caught behaving badly might once have been slapped on the wrist. Today they are shown the door. On July 19th Paramount Television fired its president, Amy Powell, over reports of insensitive comments about race (she strongly denies these and is hiring lawyers). A week earlier saw the forced resignation of John Schnatter (pictured), founder of Papa John’s, a pizza chain, for using the “n-word” during a training session. In June, Jonathan Friedland of Netflix got sacked for using the same word in front of colleagues at least twice (he was, of all things, chief communications officer).

These are only the latest bigwigs to go in a line of departures linked to “personal misconduct”, a term that covers a multitude of sins. The dismissal of Harvey Weinstein last October from the Weinstein Company, a studio, over allegations of sexual assault, has sparked a string of sackings related to sexual misconduct, including the dismissal of 12 executives at Nike,...

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