CBS faces up to its #MeToo moment

IT SAYS something about the power Les Moonves wielded in the entertainment industry that one bombshell report of allegations by multiple women of sexual misconduct and harassment could not dislodge him as chairman and chief executive of CBS. Instead, it took two.

But fall he finally did. On September 9th Mr Moonves, long considered one of the most astute executives in the media business, was forced out hours after the New Yorker reported allegations that he sexually assaulted or harassed six women in incidents dating from the 1980s to the early 2000s. That followed another report in July, also in the New Yorker, of accusations from other women of misconduct.

Mr Moonves denies both sets of allegations, although in response to the earlier ones he said he “may have made some women uncomfortable by making advances”. He has surrendered $60m of $180m in severance pay that he would ordinarily be due, pending the outcome of an...

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