NATSO CEO Tells USA Today Readers Truckstops Transform to Meet Driver Needs

NATSO President and CEO Lisa Mullings was featured in the "Empowering Our Female Truck Drivers" campaign, published in the Sept. 7 issue of USA Today, in which industry leaders highlighted the improvements that have been made for women within the industry.

Specifically, Mullings addressed how truckstops are adapting to meet the demands of the nation's truck drivers, including demands for healthier food options and faster speed of service.   

Mullings said that today's retailers are working to get drivers in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible so that drivers can maximize their on-duty time. Truckstops are offering more fresh, grab and go food, she said, and when choosing new franchise food options, they carefully consider the amount of time it takes to order and serve the food. Store layouts also are being reconsidered. 

The interview with Lisa Mullings appeared in the Sept. 7 issue of USA Today, reaching millions of readers and is published online. 

To read the interview with Lisa Mullings, click here.

To read the full campaign, Empowering Our Female Truck Drivers, click here.




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