The Trump administration takes on the international postal system

SINCE Donald Trump became president, economists have been fretting that America is bent on undermining international institutions. The World Trade Organisation is the body most have worried about. But another target has just come into view: the international postal system.

On September 3rd, at a congress in Addis Ababa of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), a little-known UN agency, the Trump administration launched a campaign to reform “terminal dues”. These are the fees a post office pays a foreign mail service to take packages from the airport they land at to the final recipient. Under UPU rules, developing countries currently pay less for the final local delivery of their international mail than developed ones do. Peter Navarro, Mr Trump’s trade adviser, thinks that the Chinese are exploiting these rules to flood America with cheap e-commerce packages. He noted this week in the Financial Times that it costs more to post a package from Los Angeles to New...

via Business Feeds

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