Better Manage Your RINs with the Alternative Fuel Councils RIN Management Service

NATSO and the Alternative Fuels Council have launched a new RIN Management Service designed to help fuel retailers more efficiently participate in the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program and manage their RINs.

Bringing new fuels to market and managing renewable identification numbers (RINs) is a time-consuming task.

The Alternative Fuels Counsel’s program allows fuel retailers to access highly skilled professionals to help them expedite the process while accurately meeting their compliance needs.

Program participants gain access to an exclusive software program that provides real-time RIN management, a system of record for all RIN transactions, as well as RIN account reconciliations.

Under the RIN Management program, participants can also:

  • Consult with experts on the RFS and Low Carbon Fuel Standard compliance;
  • Get help registering for EPA’s RFS program as well as for the IRS Blenders License;
  • Access sources for fuel supply options;
  • Secure advice and assistance for state incentive programs; and
  • Monitor the status of impending IRS Blender’s Tax Credits.

To learn more about the Alternative Fuels Council and to request a demo of the RIN Management Service, visit or email Jeff Hove at or Ginger Laidlaw at  

Remove the hurdles that are standing in your way from entering the alternative fuels and RIN markets today!

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