Bulletproof cars

Dangerous driving

IN A LONG, narrow room in Salvatierra, a town in Guanajuato, Mexico’s bloodiest state, an official dons ear defenders and presses a button. This causes an AK-47 to fire a hail of bullets at a pane of glass. It cracks but does not shatter. The pane, made by Diamond Glass, has passed the test. Its bulletproof glass will be fitted to the cars of Mexico’s rich and fearful.

The bulletproofing business is booming. Last year nearly 3,000 cars were armour-plated in Mexico, the world’s second-largest market, up from 2,200 in 2013. Most customers prefer to put protective glass and armoured plates on their own motors, rather than buy a purpose-built bulletproof car. Installation takes over a month and costs up to $55,000 but for Mexico City’s ultra-wealthy and other wary motorists the peace of mind is invaluable. The country’s murder rate is smashing old records. The number armouring their cars...

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