China’s grip on electronics manufacturing will be hard to break

THE first floor is all about components: every type of switch, every cable and every screw can be found here, often in bags of thousands. The second floor is filled with circuit boards and small gadgets, from video cameras to headsets. The higher you go, the bigger and more sophisticated the devices get: smartphones, drones, hoverboards. On the top floor, the tenth, a blinding cornucopia of LEDs of every shape and colour assails the eyes.

The SEG Electronics Market (pictured) and similar places in the Huaqiangbei district of Shenzhen, a fast-growing city in southern China, an hour’s drive north of Hong Kong, have been described as sweet shops for hardware geeks. But they are better understood as showcases and sales offices for the thousands of factories in the city’s hinterland and elsewhere in China. The people at the markets’ booths are happy to sell you items in ones or twos, but they prefer to talk to much bigger customers on the phone.

Huaqiangbei’s markets are also a...

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