How to Connect With Your Dream Clients Through Social Media Video Ads

Here’s the nice thing about video advertising -- it’s the ad format with the highest engagement rates on the internet, and since mobile video viewing is breaking records in 2018, more and more people are ready to watch your video ads.

Does that mean that your next video advertisement will magically perform better than your image ads? Not necessarily. It's easier said than done.

A video ad requires more work than an image ad, a bigger budget, and coordination with more people. There’s also a higher probability of doing it wrong and undermining the success of your next marketing campaign.

To ensure the highest likelihood of success, I've created an infographic outlining the critical actions you must take -- or avoid -- when creating a video ad. 

This infographic will teach you how to design your next video ad for maximum performance, and the most important tips to promote it successfully on your favorite social media channel.

Let’s dive right it.

Take a look at my  complete guide to video advertising to learn  every strategy you should use to make your next video a success.

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