Inspiration from Ireland's Travel Plazas

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I always love the opportunity to learn from our fellow operators abroad. A few years back, NATSO members had the chance to visit Irish travel centers during a European Study Tour. Recently, Tim Dumler, who is building a travel center in Castle Rock, Colorado, visited some travel plaza locations in Ireland for inspiration on his new build.

Dumler shared some pictures with us so we could all learn from the Emerald Isle. Take a look. 

Irish Travel Center-Supermac's RestaurantJI.jpg

Irish Travel Center-Fresh FoodJI.jpg

Irish Travel Center-Coffee AreaJI.jpg

Irish Travel Center-Fresh Food-Customers & StaffJI.jpg

One of the key takeaways I have noted about Irish operators is the focus on coffee being sold in multiple formats. We saw operators that sold coffee in the traditional manner in one area of their travel center, bean to cup coffee machines placed in another area, kiosk style coffee machines from Costa still in another and barista in another. If you could imagine it, it was like having a coffee program in each corner of the travel center each serving a different type of customer need.

Additionally, during our tour we saw tremendous amount of energy focused on fresh food within multiple different food formats and offerings. Smart Eating or "Eat Smart," as Applegreen calls it, is interwoven throughout the food offerings you see on the interstate locations in Ireland. 

I think several of these international ideas could benefit operators in the U.S.

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Photos Credit: Tim Dumler, Colorado 25 Travel Plaza 

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