Investors are pouring money into food delivery in India

OF THE thousands of young men trying to make their fortunes in Mumbai, India’s biggest city, Abdul Haq Ansari is doing better than most. Wearing a black and orange jacket and carrying a cooler bag, he climbs aboard his battered Royal Enfield motorbike and sets off towards a local restaurant. In the past month, he has started making deliveries for Swiggy, a fast-growing food-ordering app, around Bandra, a hip suburb popular with Bollywood stars and cricketers. Delivering meals is “very good for money”, he enthuses. Working for five or six hours an evening, Mr Ansari makes about 20,000 rupees a month ($270), enough to put him into the top 20% of Indian earners. And because this is his second job—Mr Ansari is also a personal trainer—he is in fact well into the top 10%.

India’s urban middle classes have long expected to be able to get anything delivered to their doors by a horde of underemployed young men. Mumbai’s “dubbawallahs”, who deliver thousands of lunch boxes to offices each day...

via Business Feeds

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