Weight Watchers rebrands itself for an anti-diet era

UP A STEEP flight of stairs just off Fifth Avenue, in New York City, a dozen people trickle into an early evening gathering. The furniture is soft and Scandinavian, the group mostly female. Acoustic background music is occasionally drowned out by a car honking. The only giveaway to why people are here—to attend one of 31,000 weekly Weight Watchers meetings that are held globally—is hidden behind a curtain in another room: the scales.

Scales used to be central to Weight Watchers meetings, or “WW” as the weight-management company has just renamed itself. People would come in and be weighed; there would be clapping (or tears), notes taken and “points” calculated. “It used to be very prescriptive, with flip charts telling people what to do and eat,” remembers Aransas Savas, a former member who now leads “wellness workshops”. Attending her session feels more like group therapy than a weight-loss club.


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