Amazon’s “second headquarters” may be no such thing

Prime property

NOT FOR the first time, The Onion, a satirical website, got it right. “‘You are all inside Amazon’s second headquarters,’ Jeff Bezos announces to horrified Americans as massive dome envelops nation.” That headline captured both the American e-commerce goliath’s endless expansion in recent years and the stratospheric level of hype around its quest to find a second headquarters.

Fourteen months ago Mr Bezos, Amazon’s boss, announced that he was looking for a city in North America in which to invest over $5bn building a campus that would create 50,000 high-quality jobs. The firm vowed that this new location, “HQ2”, would be no mere satellite, but a “full equal” to its Seattle campus.

A beauty pageant among cities ensued. Over 200 made proposals; in January, 20 were chosen as finalists. Chicago reportedly offered $2bn in incentives...

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