Coffee Cup Travel Plaza Adds Warmth and Space with Renovations

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Gordon Price, national sales director at DAS Companies Inc., has spent a significant amount of time inside of truckstops and travel plazas throughout the country, which is why I so highly value his opinion. This week, I asked him to sit down with me for a Q&A about Coffee Cup Fuel Stops newly renovated location, which is in Vermillion, South Dakota.

Coffee Cup Travel Plaza Vermillion Bldg Outside-Taken by Gordon Price-DASJI.jpg

Q. What were your first impressions when you entered the location?

A. It is very modern, bright, spacious and trendy. From the outside to the inside, it looks completely brand new and is an entirely new store from the one I was in last year. They have added quite a bit of space with additions and added a dog park. They also installed LED lighting under each one of the gondola shelves in their candy and snack section, so the chips and other treats now look as appealing as a lit cooler. The LED lights create a glow over the products, and it looks really sharp. I was impressed with the presentation. 

Coffee Cup Travel Plaza Vermillion Wideshot of Store-Wall PaintingJI.jpg

Coffee Cup Travel Plaza Vermillion - Bark Park Sign-Taken by Gordon Price-DASJI.jpg

Coffee Cup Travel Plaza Vermillion Beverages-Snacks-Wood FloorsJI.jpg

Q. Can you tell us about the food court?

A. The entire food court is laid out very well and provides several brand offerings as well as the latest self-ordering technology at the Subway. They had a handful of monitors and you just walk up place your order on screen along with toppings then head to the counter for your pick up.  The food court also includes a self-serve waffle machine, which is a fun addition. There is also a self-checkout center at their cashier center.

Coffee Cup Travel Plaza Vermillion-Cinnabon-Caribou CoffeeJI.jpg

Coffee Cup Travel Plaza Vermillion-Pizza Hut-CinnabonJI.jpg

Coffee Cup Travel Plaza Vermillion Customer Using Subway's Self-Order Kiosk -Photo Taken by Gordon PriceJI.jpg

Coffee Cup Travel Plaza Vermillion-Self-Serve Waffle MachineJI.jpg

Coffee Cup Travel Plaza Vermillion-Self-CheckoutJI.jpg

Q. What are some of the unique design features you saw?

A. They used reclaimed barn wood and stone for décor inside, which gives the location a modern and upbeat look to it especially when entering into the rest rooms. They have also added fireplaces, which create a warm and welcome look. Upstairs they have an enclosed all-glass viewing room with televisions as well as a great and relaxing view. The space is nothing like the old school trucker lounges that are usually enclosed, dark and have no windows. If I were a driver that had extra time I would certainly enjoy the upstairs room.

Coffee Cup Travel Plaza Vermillion Restroom Entrance-Novelty Items-Local ProdsJI.jpg

Coffee Cup Travel Plaza Vermillion Seating Area-LED LightingJI.jpg

Coffee Cup Travel Plaza Vermillion Wine CellarJI.jpg

Coffee Cup Travel Plaza Vermillion-Lounge Area-Photo Taken by Gordon PriceJI.jpg

Coffee Cup Travel Plaza Vermillion-Enclosed Glass Viewing RoomJI.jpg

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Photos Credit: Darren Schulte/NATSO, Gordon Price/DAS Companies Inc. 

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