Mumbai unions force Uber and Ola into a corner

Striking fashion

MUMBAI, INDIA’S financial capital, is famous for its appalling traffic. But since October 22nd its roads have been miraculously clear. The reason is that drivers for Uber and Ola, India’s two biggest ride-hailing firms, have been on strike. Local newspapers estimated that 90% of the roughly 35,000 drivers in the city have stopped working. Mumbai’s middle classes have been forced back onto trains, buses and rickshaws to get around, complaining vociferously.

Protests against working conditions at ride-hailing firms are not new, nor restricted to India. But what makes Mumbai’s strike different is that for once the firms seem likely to buckle. Drivers’ unions said that 80% of their demands had been met, including one to raise pay rates. If so, this will be one of the first times that ride-sharing firms have had to negotiate as a result of industrial action.

The drivers’...

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