Michael Dell plots his return to the public market

THERE ARE two ways to make money selling technology, goes an old industry saying: unbundling and bundling. Thanks to the spectacular rise in recent years of cloud-computing services from Amazon and Microsoft, many firms have shifted chunks of software, data and applications previously stored on in-house servers to the new “public cloud” infrastructure. Customers can now access a dizzying array of software and hardware offered as unbundled, cloud-based services.

Dizzying—but also bewildering. The typical chief technology officer (CTO) of a big firm, under pressure to take advantage of every computing advance from data-analytics to artificial intelligence to the internet of things (IoT), is faced with a mish-mash of information-technology options. The next big opportunity should therefore lie in simplifying this balkanised mess.

That insight lies at the heart of Michael Dell’s vision for the future of Dell...

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