Rooftop solar remains marginal in America

AMERICANS LOVE the concept of rooftop solar, according to opinion polls. Well they might. Large solar farms may be the most cost-efficient way to harvest energy from the sun, but the case for homeowners to put panels on their roofs looks compelling. Panels do not belch carbon dioxide. Electricity is generated where it is consumed, easing the strain on transmission lines and power plants. President Donald Trump may have slapped tariffs on imported solar panels earlier this year, but the average price of a residential solar-power system is less than half its level in 2010.

This combination of greenness and cheapness has allure. Paul McMaster, a homeowner in Florida, has leased solar panels from a company called Sunrun since the summer. In August Mr McMaster’s electricity bill was about $100. By October it was $15. In 2017 rooftop solar installations in America, measured by gigawatts of capacity, were nearly ten times what they were...

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