DOT Requests Truck Parking Data

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is requesting the truckstop and travel plaza industry’s help as it updates its federally mandated survey of available truck parking across the United States.

NATSO is asking members to complete this short survey regarding truck parking at your locations by February 8.

The survey can be found here

The highway authorization law signed in 2012, MAP-21, allocated more funding for truck parking under a section titled “Jason’s Law.” The law also required DOT to assess the volume of truck parking in each state and develop a system of metrics to measure the adequacy of truck parking on a periodic basis.

FHWA released its first survey and truck parking analysis titled “Jason’s Law Truck Parking Survey Results and Comparative Analysis” in 2015.

As DOT prepared to update this initial survey, NATSO urged FHWA to incorporate additional questions targeting fleets, drivers and regulators in an effort to capture more comprehensive truck parking information.

Specifically, NATSO requested that the agency ask whether trucking companies reimburse their drivers for truck parking as well as ask drivers whether their companies reimburse them for truck parking.

NATSO urged the agency to survey truckstop owners and operators as to how frequently trucking companies include truck parking in their negotiations on fuel purchase agreements.

NATSO also requested that Department of Transportation (DOT) officials be surveyed regarding the degree to which truck parking is considered when new regulations are being proposed for the trucking industry.

NATSO members are asked to complete the DOT truck parking survey by February 8.

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