Masayoshi Son wants Arm’s blueprints to power all tech

ON THE OUTSKIRTS of Cambridge, where city fades to field, the headquarters of Arm Holdings, a chip-design firm, is expanding apace. Its latest new building is long and flat, with a façade adorned with a pattern of metal triangles. These represent the nanometre-sized silicon fins found on the surface of modern transistors. Once the office block is finished, the firm hopes, its unusual exterior will help inspire employees on their mission to dream up, transcribe and sell designs for the omnipresent computers of the future.

Arm’s recipes for computer chips—it designs them but does not make any itself—are the most popular on the planet. Since it was founded in 1990, its corporate customers have sold a whopping 130bn chips based on its designs. In one sense, the business is simple. “We do drawings of engines and we sell those drawings,” says Mike Muller, one of Arm’s founders who is now its chief technology officer.


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