Voice-enabled gadgets star at the Consumer Electronics Show

THE Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a bit like Disneyland for techies. Over 150,000 people from over 100 countries are expected to descend on Las Vegas for this year’s jamboree, which opened on January 8th, to examine the very latest kit from more than 4,000 firms. This time the show even features an amusement-park ride, run by Google, in which rapt visitors are ferried around in trolley cars through rooms full of talking animatronic characters and singing macarons.

The search giant wanted to show off the services offered by Assistant, its voice-controlled software powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that it embeds in its products. Riders followed along with Dad as he ran errands in preparation for Grandma’s birthday, encountering various obstacles along the way: bad traffic, foul weather, a baker speaking only French—each time, Assistant found clever solutions, including real-time language interpretation, a...

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