Intel’s new boss leads a firm that is both thriving and troubled

AFTER A SEVEN-MONTH search, Intel on January 31st announced that its new chief executive would be its chief financial officer. Robert Swan had been filling in as the boss since last year, when Brian Krzanich, his predecessor, left after violating company rules about relationships with subordinates. Mr Swan inherits a company with dominant products and an enviable market position—but also one whose core business has stumbled.

The good news is that an increasingly electronic world has an insatiable appetite for the computer chips that Intel makes. A week before Mr Swan’s appointment Intel announced results that reflected strong growth. Its annual revenue, of $70.8bn, set a record, and its operating income of $23.3bn was up by 29% from the same period in 2017 (though the numbers were slightly below the market’s expectations).

Intel’s chips power 84% of desktop computers, leaving scraps for Advanced Micro...

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