Cerebras unveils the world’s chunkiest AI chip

COMPUTER BRAINS are tiny rectangles, becoming tinier with each new generation. Or so it used to be. These days Andrew Feldman, the boss of Cerebras, a startup, pulls a block of Plexiglas out of his backpack. Baked into it is a microprocessor the size of letter paper. “It’s the world’s biggest,” he says proudly, rattling off its technical specs: 400,000 cores (sub-brains), 18 gigabytes of memory and 1.2trn transistors. That is, respectively, about 78, 3,000 and 57 times more than the largest existing processor from Nvidia, a chipmaker.

Cerebras is leading a shift in semiconductors that was on display at Hot Chips, an industry gathering at Stanford University, where startups like Mr Feldman’s and giants such as Nvidia and Intel showed off their new silicon wares on August 19th.

Cramming ever more transistors on standard chips—twice as many every 18 months, according to Moore’s Law, which has turned from an empirical observation to an industry benchmark—used to be the way to go. But with transistors now the size of dozens of atoms, improvements have become less predictable. And with the spread of artificial intelligence (AI), demand for computing power has grown by more than 300,000 times for certain applications between 2012 and 2018, according to some estimates, much faster than the 16 times or so ordained by Moore’...

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