How to Improve your Public Speaking

It’s not unusual to be daunted by the thought of public speaking but there are a few key ingredients for success.

Passion, a considered message and an awareness of your audience will make your public speaking sparkle.

Public speaking in a corporate event

Seeking advice from the professionals, we’ve collated some excellent tips.

What the professionals say on improving your public speaking

Toastmasters International, a non-profit educational organisation, teaching public speaking and leadership skills, offers five tips.

They are:

  • Be prepared and rehearse – this will alleviate some of your nerves and help ensure you cover everything you want to
  • Start your speech with a powerful opening to grab attention – engaging the audience from the very start will make a great first impression and help them to realise you have something interesting and relevant to impart
  • Try to adopt a conversational tone rather than just reading notes – no-one likes to listen to a robot and whilst rehearsing and practising is important, being willing to accept a little fluctuation and variation in the words you choose will bring your speech to life
  • Be kind to yourself and try not to get frustrated by a mistake – sometimes a stumble or mistake can even work in your favour, breaking the tension and helping the audience to will you on
  • Speak with passion – really believe in what you’re saying and your message.

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