An inspiring holiday message

DEAR PARTNERS, colleagues and (dare I say it) close personal friends. As the new boss of Multinational United Subsidiary Holdings (MUSH), I am proud to look back on another year of success at our great company. Our performance is largely down to you and your efforts, and we hope that next year those efforts will be rewarded with the end of our long-running pay freeze.

Under my tenure, CEO does not stand for Chief Executive Officer but for cheerleader extraordinaire. I feel passionate about reaching out to as many of you as possible (if not quite as passionately as our Chief Technology Officer, who is still on suspension until the employment tribunal makes its decision). The door to my office is always open, especially now that we are in an open-plan building. When it comes to 360-degree feedback, I have unlimited bandwidth.

What was my highlight of the year? It has to be the arrival of cultural facilitator (and part-time rapper) Monica Strutt, aka the “monster”. We all remember how we felt when we heard her first freestyle slam: “Use your energy/to create more synergy/our transformation/will be a corporate sensation/all your learnings/will boost our earnings”. Inspirational at the meta-level.

I am also excited about the reorganisation that saw the appointment of our first Chief Diversity Officer, who ticks all...

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