POLL: What Best Describes your Holiday Vacation Plans?

Do you take your vacations in the summer, winter or whenever there is time available while running your small business?

As a small business owner, vacations are scarce, especially during the startup phase. But once you get your company up and running and you have a system in place, you can start taking vacations. And as the holiday season fast approaches, Small Business Trends is asking, What Best Describes Your Holiday Vacation Plans?

Are you off to the beach or do you plan doing outdoor activities like skiing or snowboarding? Some people use their vacation for more practical use such as doing home improvement.

The answers describe what most people do if they have time for a vacation. But if you plan on doing something else, please comment below on how you are going to spend your holiday vacation time.

All things considered, your answer might be “Who has time for vacations?” In that case, it might just end up being a long weekend at home and calling it a vacation.

If you haven’t taken a vacation in some time, let us know how long it has been and if you plan on taking one anytime soon.

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