Veriato Vision Helps Small Businesses Monitor Employee Productivity

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Veriato Vision

Research suggests the average employee is productive just 2 hours and 54 minutes in an 8 hour day. And that’s not all!

Some employees may even be engaging in activities that will seriously harm your business — like fraud and embezzlement.

As a small business owner, you know employee productivity ultimately determines your company’s success. And, of course, employees doing even worse could put you out of business for good.

Enter Veriato Vision, a software package that really does — as the company says — make employee monitoring simple.

Veriato Vision Keeps Tabs on What Your Employees are Doing Online

You can deploy Veriato Vision out to all your employees’ PCs, Macs  or Android devices directly from your desktop — even if they work from home.

The software can work in stealth mode so no one but you is aware of it.

From the moment it’s operational, Veriato Vision begins recording online activity including emails, chats, IMs, Google searches and social media and other websites your employees may be visiting, as well as file movement, network use, documents printed, documents copied to USB and applications used.

Why is all of this important? Well, as far as online activity goes, you may discover some of your employees are spending their time on Facebook, Ebay or E-trader — instead of doing the work you pay them to do.

But there may be even worse things happening at your company.

Guard Against Theft or Fraud

Unfortunately, 69% of employees admit to taking valuable data with them when they leave a job. This could include contracts, client lists, intellectual property and more!

Veriato Vision helps you watch activity on your server. So if someone downloads client information at 2 a.m. when your business is supposed to be closed, you’ll know.

The software also provides video playback of the employee’s actual screenshots. And this can be important evidence for HR, possible legal action or defense in a wrongful termination suit.

Drill Down and Customize What You Monitor

What’s more, Veriato Vision allows you to drill down into the data creating a variety of reports.

They can show you which of your employees are the most productive and who may be a problem.

But they can also reveal which websites or apps might be the biggest distractions for your employees — and let you block them during work time.

The software also lets you customize things like which sites are appropriate and inappropriate — and for which employees.

For example, you don’t want your social media marketing guru to stay off Twitter or your head of ecommerce sales dinged for using Amazon!

The system also lets you set up online alerts so you’ll be notified if employees are spending too much time checking out cat videos on YouTube — or are trying to access a part of your server where they have no business being.

Separate the Stars from the Slackers

Small business owners know they have all kinds of employees. They have their superstars and their slackers, their work horses and those who might best be described as risky business.

But many small business owners and managers may not know which of their employees are which — especially when they can’t be watching them every minute of the day.

Veriato Vision can help you separate your superstars from your slackers. But just as important, it can help you catch employees who could endanger your company’s brand, reputation or even it’s very existence before they have gone too far.

Powered by the Cloud

Finally, Veriato Vision is easy to use. The software is cloud based making it simple to deploy with no need to buy additional hardware.

Veriato Vision collects logs, screenshots and video reviews and then parses all this data into easy to read reports you can peruse at a glance over your morning cup of coffee.

And you can easily customize how you receive reports via email, from your computer or even from a mobile phone.


Entrepreneurs work long hours and make considerable sacrifices to build a business that will benefit themselves, their families and their employees. These business owners need to protect their investment by preventing productivity issues — or worse — from damaging or destroying what they’re created.

Veriato Vision allows small business owners to monitor what goes on in their workplace whether they employ 10 people or 100. And the software is cloud based. So deployment is easy with no extra hardware needed.

Plus you can monitor employee activities from anywhere. So this reclaims time for you and your family while reducing the stress you’re probably experiencing wondering what’s going on at your business while you’re not there.

You can learn more about Veriato Vision or get a demonstration of how the system works by contacting the Veriato sales department at or by visiting their website here.

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