Mid-year motivational magic

DEAR COLLEAGUES and fellow humans, It has been a difficult first half of the year at Multinational United Subsidiary Holdings (MUSH). The pandemic has locked down some of our operations but not locked down our hearts. It has been great to keep in touch with you via our weekly Zoom meetings. I hope that many of you have appreciated the scenery in the background as I have dialled in from the company yacht.

By the way, apologies to those who weren’t aware of my decision to start last week’s session with ten minutes of silent meditation. Lots of you assumed that the sound system wasn’t working and this led to a record level of complaints to our technology help desk. It also led to some unfortunate interjections by those who didn’t realise they weren’t muted; the head of the press office has been spoken to about his use of obscene language.

This crisis has emphasised the need to constantly readjust our collective mindset. In March the executive team showed our commitment to the company’s future by taking a 20% cut in our base pay. My Buddhist guru says that the stockmarket rebound since then, which means that our share options are worth a lot more than they were in February, is simply karma in action. So, he says, is my ability to afford mindfulness sessions with him three times a week.

But there is no I in company,...

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