The video-games industry raids its back catalogue

“COMMAND & CONQUER” chronicles a war between the Global Defence Initiative and a band of techno-terrorists called the Brotherhood of Nod. The video game was cutting-edge in 1995, when it was first released on a pair of compact discs. Their vast capacity (for the time) allowed a high-fidelity soundtrack and cheesy videos with human actors which advanced the plot between levels. Players could challenge their friends using a new-fangled technology called “the internet”. It got rave reviews and sold an estimated 3m copies.

That number will rise further when a revamped version called “Command & Conquer Remastered” is released on June 5th. It is the same as the old one in nearly every respect, except that the cartoonish 2D graphics of the original have received a high-resolution makeover.

The music business milks fans with remixes, remasters and special editions of famous albums. Film studios sell extra-long “director’s cuts”. Revisiting products may seem a riskier strategy in a medium where the state-of-the-art advances as fast as it does in video gaming. But it is an established trend. More than 30 revamped games have been released in the past year. Some have topped sales charts. “Final Fantasy VII Remake” a reimagining of a PlayStation game from 1997, sold 3.5m copies in three days after its release on April 10th...

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