How I Used Facebook Groups to Successfully Promote a Guest Post

Hello Fellow Crafters,

Carolyn Wainscott here of Carolyn’s Canvas to share  USING SOCIAL MEDIA  to promote my endeavors. You can use the same criteria for your interests whether it be your blog or your handmade creations.  

I would love to give you a magic formula for “going viral” but a small percentage hit that list of the millions posted every day. We are inundated with so much information our audiences have to be targeted in order to develop a following and USING SOCIAL MEDIA is one avenue.

For Example

Let me use my latest guest blog post in Cheap Eats Thrifty Crafts.


 Link options for sharing are on the article. Google+ is the first link I use, then Twitter, Pinterest and on to my Facebook page.

A quick post on my blog @ was also written here with link to the article on CETC for my blog followers to pick up on.

Let’s talk a little about Facebook groups in USING SOCIAL MEDIA. There are two different types: “sharing” and “buy/sell/trade.” I belong to several with interests in my crafting realm – quilting, sewing, crafting. Some of the share-only groups have sister sites for selling, so it is beneficial to belong to both types of groups. Share your photos, comments, expertise or ask questions about any problems you may have. Each group has its own rules and regulations about sharing so be sure to check those out. The goal is to develop a following.

So, back to linking to my Facebook page Carolyns Canvas-Quilting/Crafting/Sewing. The article could have been linked directly from CETC to the individual Facebook groups, but there is a method to my madness. Sharing the post from Carolyns Canvas-Quilting/Crafting/Sewing brings them back to my Facebook page where there is a link to My Craftsy Pattern Store and increases likes to my page.

In addition, there is another advantage to directing traffic through my Facebook page – I can keep tabs on how many have seen the article. When the mannequin article was published I shared it with only two sites:

Sewing  — membership of 48,400

The article received lots of good comments and in a short time had over 2,400 views. I know that isn’t viral but the numbers keep going up and I will be linking the article to several more groups when this article is finished.

But I can’t sit back and rest on my laurels just because the article is published. I need to check back from time to time in case there are any comments to reply to. I also like to be aware of discussions in those Facebook groups where a reference to the article may bring it to attention again. 

Here is a list of Facebook sharing groups with membership #’s for sewing/crafting/quilting. Just search Facebook for other interests [which I do have, by the way-dolls, beadwork, felting]. The same formula can be used to promote your following.

List of Facebook Groups for Sewing, Quilting and Crafting

College of Quilts;   8,756

Just Us Quilters 44,944

Quilting & Sewing Enthusiasts  —54,287

Quilt As You Go  —33,000

Quilts of Valor  —6,181

Most of all, I wish I could give you a panacea for instant notoriety and success –“going viral”–but most “instant successes” will tell you it took diligence. A short little video tutorial of mine had over 15,000 views in a few hours while others that took days or weeks to prepare are lagging far behind. 

Please comment if this article helps you in any way and share with us your “strategy” that may help others for success. That is the goal of all here at Creative Income.

Thank you for joining us!

Carolyn Wainscott

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