How to Create a Press Release for Your Handmade Business

A press release is a written statement from your company announcing something big and amazing. It’s directed at the media in your chosen industry, usually to stir up a buzz around a new product line or accomplishment. If you have a large marketing budget you can hire a PR professional, or you can even write and send it out yourself. Here are the steps to take in order to create and distribute your press release.

How to Create a Press Release for Your Handmade Business

Decide on the Purpose

Your press release should have a focus and a purpose. It can announce your new handmade business, a big product launch, an upcoming book you’re writing, an event in a few weeks, etc. Make it about something important- and make that something really exciting to bloggers, magazines, and others.

Extra tip: If your announcement involves teaming up with another artist or company, write a joint press release together.

Create a Layout

Ideally, you want your press release to fit onto one page if printed out or opened on someone’s computer. There are lots of sample designs and templates online, so do some research and brainstorm a few different layouts. Create a design that flows with your handmade business’ aesthetic, incorporating your logo and color scheme. Think of a press release as an extension of your branding.

Add Text and Photos

Once you have a logo added and a framework laid out it’s time to add the most important part- the text! Add an eye-catching title, then describe what you are announcing. You can use humor and be charming, but also remain professional and get to the point of what you want to promote. Additionally, photos can add more visual appeal to your press release (especially if you are a visual artist or designer). Make sure you use clear, professional-looking photographs of your work.

Proofread for Errors

Before you send the press release to anyone, always double and triple check it for spelling mistakes and other errors. Even if you’re a great writer, have a friend or family member proofread it for anything you might have missed. This will save you any embarrassment in the end!

Send It Out

Once you’ve made a perfect press release, send it out via email and regular mail. This can be done by you (or an employee) or an online service. It should ideally go to those who would be most interested in a hot new product or event. This includes bloggers, local and national magazine editors, tv stations, newspapers, etc. You should try to send everything electronically (via email), but it’s also okay to mail a press release. Don’t be spammy or add anyone to a mailing list, and if you have any negative responses don’t contact that person again.

Extra tip: Opinions vary, but I prefer not to distribute press releases directly onto social media platforms. Instead, use your press release to get others to write about your business on social media!

Analyze Your Results

If your press release gets you a lot of coverage (and the result you wanted), consider it a success! If you don’t get any good feedback or see an increase in interest or sales, think about what you can do better next time. Take out a copy of your press release and check for errors, formatting issues, or other things that might have made it less appealing.

Have you sent out a press release for your business?

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