TextChat from JetSense Allows Shopify Store Owners to Chat via Text Message

TextChat JetSense Shopify

JetSense.ai, specialists in live chat and AI-driven chatbots, have launched a new TextChat sales tool. The feature is designed to enable merchants on Shopify to receive live chats from their stores via text messages.

TextChat from JetSense for Shopify Merchants

One challenge the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown up, relates to communication between small businesses and customers. By connecting with customers via text, TextChat enables shop owners to communicate with customers more quickly than if they had to sign into their store and chat.

The TextChat tool thereby makes communication more seamless and efficient. Quick and proficient communication is especially important for small business owners during these difficult times.

Research shows 71 percent of customer are less likely to shop with a brand if it fails to have customer service representatives available.

Real-Time Chat from Anywhere

By receiving queries and messages via text, the sales tool ensures Spotify merchants never miss a sale due to live chat inquiries being left unanswered. By being able to respond to chat in real-time from anywhere, sales are less likely to be lost. TextChat could therefore be an effective tool in improving conversion rates, sales figures and ultimately leading to business growth.

The phone-based sales platform eliminates the much lengthier and complex systems associated with live chat software. A visitor to a merchant’s Shopify store simply sends the seller a message via text. The merchant receives the text and responds to it. Sellers no longer need to rely on being at their PC or having to download apps.

Adam Tessier, owner of the jewelery boutique Taylor & Tessier, commented on the benefits of the new sales tool:

“TextChat is exactly what our small business needed. As an ecommerce seller competing against much larger businesses, we’ve tried several feature-heavy live chat platforms that promised results, but they were expensive to staff and hard to manage. Getting live chats from our website delivered via text message was really a game-changer. Our own staff can quickly answer live chats and convert sales from anywhere now. We close sales on at least 50% of our conversations that come through TextChat,” said Tessier.

TextChat costs $19 per month per agent. The tool is thereby an affordable option for small businesses looking to streamline communication and improve conversion rates.

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