Business Hashtags App Makes it Easy to Post Content

Business Hashtags App

If you’re looking to save valuable time posting business content to social media platforms, the new Business Hashtags App may help. Business Hashtags App is an iPhone application that generates highly relevant hashtags pertaining to Business, Small Business, Entrepreneurial and Motivational content in seconds.

Joe Lampasona of Too Much Wasabi developed the hashtag generator that’s geared for entrepreneurs and small business people.

“Users never have to wonder which hashtags they should use, while actively avoiding irrelevant hashtags, spammy hashtags, typo’d hashtags or flagged or banned hashtags,” Lampasona told Small Business Trends.  “By using relevant ones, your content gets shared with a more targeted audience or potential new customers that are far more likely to engage and interact with your profile.”

What Is the Business Hashtags App?

The app has more than 2,000 hashtags. They fit into 17 different categories. Users get to cherry pick from them.

Right before a small business posts to social media, they can open up Business Hashtags App. Based on the content, the user will then select the appropriate categories and hashtags.

When the user is finished picking the options, they press the Copy Hashtags button. They then return to social media to paste right into their post.

A Simple Tool For Business Content

Lampasona elaborates on how simple it is for small business owners to use.

“They simply tap categories relevant to the content they’re going to post, then tap to select the appropriate hashtags,” he says. “This creates a bank of options that users can paste right into their content on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Facebook.”

More About Too Much Wasabi

As you might expect, the developer has a background suited to this innovation.

Lampasona has an education from Kutztown University in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. He studied Communication Design and Web Design and Graphic Design.

“My higher education studies expanded my love for this field, and solidified my passion for design,” he says. “ I spent 7 years working as a web designer and developer for two different companies after college. Then I decided to take the leap into app development  and app entrepreneurship.”

Best of all, the categories make this app perfect for all SMBs looking to post on social media. The broad types include  business-related hashtags such as Mindset, Entrepreneur, Business Women, Mindset & Marketing that will complement most content.

An Example

He supplies an example.

“If a user is making an Instagram post with a Small Business tip, the hashtags the user may use are: #SmallBusiness, #SmallBusinessOwners, #SmallBusinessMarketing, #SmallBusinessTips, #MarketingTips and #Entrepreneurship.”

Looking to Improve

Business Hashtags App is good now and looking to improve. Some of the categories are admittedly broad. There are plans to add geographic based hashtags based on specific industries and locale.

The app solves another problem small businesses face. Namely, the need for a steady flow of  effective content . And funneled to the right target markets.

“Consistent content creation is key to growing your business & brand on Social Media,” Lamps says. “ However, content needs to be effective. The right audience needs to see it. Business Hashtags App helps to solve this problem by connecting your content to the proper audience.”

To that end, Lamps is making sure the app is interactive.

“ If there is a missing category,  I will add it to the App! I can be reached at”

Premium Version

There’s also a PREMIUM version that drills deeper.  Business Hashtags App PREMIUM unlocks all categories of hashtags, and provides invaluable insight into the competition level of each.

“Competition level refers to the amount of content posted to a hashtag,” Lamps says.

Here’s a few examples.  #Business on Instagram has 73.6 million posts equaling  Intense Competition.

On the opposite end of those ratings, #GrowingMyBusiness has 22k posts for Low Competition.

“That means this hashtag, keeps your content at the top of recent posts for considerably longer,” Lamps says. “ Think of this hashtag as a slow-moving stream, versus a fast-moving waterfall like #Business.”

At the moment, the app is only available on iOS.

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