Bud Campaign Spotlights the People Who Make the Beer

Anheuser-Busch InBev, which continues to battle a former employee over charges that its beers are watered down, is using some current employees in a TV campaign touting the quality of Budweiser.

The ads feature A-B InBev's head brewmaster, Pete Kraemer, as well as five regional brewmasters in a back-to-basics approach that seeks to put faces behind the brand while promoting an app that gives drinkers more information on how their individual beer was made. The The Track Your Bud, which was launched last year, links each beer to its origins, including ingredients, by using the "born on date" on the bottle or can.

The ads include plenty of closeups of ingredients, as well as testimonials by the brewmasters. "I have dedicated my life to making sure that beer will be perfect," St. Louis-based Mr. Kraemer says in one of the spots.

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