Is Kenny Powers a Pitchman for the HTC One?


Kenny Powers, the profane protagonist of HBO's Eastbound and Down, may have picked up a real-life endorsement deal for the HTC One.

The character, played by Danny McBride, lobbed a few tweets recently that seem to be designed to raise awareness for the new device:

Snitches! Someone at @htcusa or @att help me get a @htc ONE, por favor.

— KFUCKINGP (@KFUCKINGP) April 23, 2013

A stripper sat on my iPhone and it's on its last leg - can someone at @htcusa or @att help me get a @htc ONE before I'm phoneless?

— KFUCKINGP (@KFUCKINGP) April 23, 2013

However, HTC told Advertising Age that the brand isn't paying for an endorsement: "We noticed the Kenny Powers Twitter account was actively talking [about] the HTC One and helped them get their hands on a device. We don't have an endorsement or paid relationship. We merely helped get the device into the hands of a fan." Read more...

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