The Key to Engaging Today's Video Audiences: Respect Their Time

Twenty-five years ago, George Stalk of the Boston Consulting Group introduced the concept of "time-based competition," calling attention to the success of companies that had made timely responsiveness to consumers a major priority. "Give customers what they want when they want it," was the mantra.

A quarter century later, it's still a relevant concept, and, in a world where viewers have more options and the competition for engagement is the fiercest it's ever been, advertisers can adapt it to great advantage. Multi-tasking is through the roof, in a given day, Nielsen estimates, 40% of all smartphone and tablet owners use these devices while watching traditional TV. One in three households now owns at least one TV set connected to the Internet. Thanks to DVRs, Nielsen estimates, nearly 65 million adults aged 18-49 -- and 51 million TV households -- can record TV programs and watch them on their own schedule.

The brands that respect the value of the viewer's time -- and use it to their advantage -- will succeed. They will be partnering with publishers and distributors to reimagine the relationship between the content, the viewer, the device and the environment, to deliver creative that will be effective in each situation and platform.

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