Amazingly Lucky Man Wins Double Jackpot With Identical Tickets

Sometimes it pays to be consistent.

British Columbia resident Harry Black has been playing the same lottery numbers -- 02, 10, 17, 19, 44, 47 -- for more than 30 years. But his patience was rewarded Tuesday when Black claimed two winning tickets for an incredible $31.7 million payout.

"This is a wonderful surprise to all of us," BCLC Vice President of Lottery Gaming Kevin Gass said, according to a press release. "While it's not known how many people buy identical tickets for a draw, it is the first time in the company's recollection that we've had this unique sort of win."

The jackpot, which was split between four tickets, was one of the largest in Canadian history, according to CTV News. No one has ever won half of the lottery winnings with two identical tickets, according to the station.

Currently an employee of the film industry, Black, 66, said he has no family, and only five friends, according to the Vancouver Sun. Black had been sitting on the windfall for weeks, dealing with the stress of the winnings and planning what to do with the money, the outlet reports.

"You have no idea how much stress there is when you win on the lotto, especially something like this," Black told CBC News. "First thing, you've got to deal with yourself, and then make plans."

Black told CBC News he might spend some of the money on a favorite pastime: drag racing.

Of the two remaining winners of the April drawing, Vancouver resident Chad Seguin has come forward to claim his share; the as-yet-unidentified final winner bought the winning ticket in Alberta, according to The Nelson Daily.

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